Saturday, 19 December 2009

Welcome to my new blog, Closer to the Edge!


Some of you may be familiar with my existing ISA Server blog: Me, Myself and ISA

With the recent product changes and my focus of specialisation, a blog site about ISA just isn’t good enough anymore. So, it’s time for a blog about Forefront Edge Solutions…

The aim of this blog is to move forward with providing information about both of the Forefront Edge products, covering Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and Unified Access Gateway (UAG).

I think a single blog that covers the entire Forefront Edge product set is a more logical approach and allows for complimentary/overlapping posts that cover both technologies...

Moving into the new year, I have some articles in the wings which may be of interest. As a quick teaser, these include:

  • The Path to DirectAccess – Part 1: Choosing the DA Solution
  • The Path to DirectAccess – Part 2: Thinking about IPv6
  • The Path to DirectAccess – Part 3: Putting it All Together
  • The Path to DirectAccess – Part 4: Extending DA with NAP
  • The Path to DirectAccess – Part 5: A Few Lessons Learnt
  • Using Forefront TMG with Multiple Data Centres
  • Using Forefront UAG with Multiple Data Centres

We now have both Forefront TMG 2010 RTM and Forefront UAG 2010 RTM; we are indeed now closer to the cutting edge than ever before with these important new releases…

From now on, blog posts about TMG/UAG will be going onto this blog. I then plan to maintain Me, Myself and ISA to host legacy ISA Server content and avoid broken links from forum posts etc. There will probably be a period of coexistence where articles appear on both blogs, until I get the new blog into search engines and popular on the forums…

So, 2010 has already started early with both Forefront Edge products released; I hope to make the most of it with my new blog next year too!

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)