Thursday, 6 May 2010

What Version of Forefront UAG Am I Running?

Now that Forefront UAG Update 1 has been released, I thought it might be useful to show the relative version numbers for both versions. By selecting Help | About from the Forefront UAG Management Console you should see the following:

For Forefront UAG RTM you should see 4.0.1101.0:


For Forefront UAG Update 1 you should see 4.0.1152.100:


Alternatively you can select Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features and you should see the appropriate version number as shown below:


If Forefront UAG Update 1 has been installed, by selecting View installed updates you should see the specific reference to Update 1 and again version 4.0.1152.100 as shown below:


Please Note: These version numbers are relevant to the software version of Forefront UAG and may differ for appliance versions.

Hope this helps!


  1. hi jj,
    marc & me listed some isa/tmg-versions here:

    greets, jens mander...