Thursday, 29 July 2010

Important Update to the ‘How to Configure ISA SSL Bridging for System Center Configuration Manager Internet-Based Client Management’ Documentation!

There is a lot of talk about the remote management capabilities of DirectAccess and there is no doubt that this is the future of Microsoft’s remote access strategy. However, for environments that are not running Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate client systems or who need to manage non-corporate (read non-domain joined) clients, then the DirectAccess solution may not be possible or appropriate. Other factors may also prevent the use of DirectAccess for some reason I can’t think of right now!

In these scenarios, it is possible to use technology provided by the System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) product and a feature called Internet-Based Client Management (IBCM). This feature allows external clients to securely connect to ConfigMgr in order to manage them as if they were connected to the LAN (doesn’t that sound familiar!). You can find more details on IBCM here. This is not quite the full capability provided by DirectAccess connectivity, but is still very worthy of consideration…

Some of the updates are a direct result of my feedback to Microsoft on real-world usage of the solution, especially when customers are running internal deployments of Windows Server 2003 Certificate Services or Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) and a feature called Autoenrolment. It is great to see the document evolve and also provide customers with a realistic solution that is fully supported and tested by Microsoft. I have greatly enjoyed working with the folks involved (you know who you are!) and feel that the time invested is very worthwhile…

The updated article can be found here or you can read more about the specific document updates in the ConfigMgr Team Blog.

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